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The Ends Justify The Means…

Wikileaks and United States’ Foreign Policy…

When Cristof Colomb found a new continent at the end of his journey to find India, he didn’t actually know he had a found a missing continent that was totally unknown by old world. This accidentally foundation was unique accidental point in America’s new history. Before George Washington and his friends declared their Independence, this continent was already ruled different than Europe. After Independence, founders of United States decided to have just trade relations with other part of Europe. Their ancestors had come from Europe and they have already known old politics of Europe which concentrates on just war weren’t right politics and new state would go nowhere with them. In 1821, President Monroe declared his famous Doctrine in which he said that new country, United States, would have only trade relations with the world and wouldn’t interrupt world’s other issues. United States followed this doctrine until the end of Second World War. But at that point they faced with the truth. Following the emergence of socialist and anti-American Soviet union at the centre of old world, United States couldn’t go across Atlantic and watch the old world.

President Eisenhower who directed US forces against German armies in west Europe during Second World War declared his Doctrine in which he said that United States would never turn its back to old world and go in all areas just for old world’s new and peaceful future. This doctrine came with a policy which is called as Unconvential Welfare Policy. In sight of this policy United States made some interventions across the world such as Guatemala, Vietnam and Afghanistan. After Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, most of Americans started to believe, United States could control all over the world and there won’t be any rebellion against this. Some called this as the end of history such as Francis Fukuyama.

This believe was very powerful across United States and because of that a lot of innocent people dead from Yugoslavia to Africa without any intervention. But all of that deaths weren’t enough to wake up America from its sleep. This lasted until 9/11 of 2001. At that day, Al-Qaeda, an international terrorist group which’s roots come from United States Afghanistan policy against Soviet Union, attacked to United States heart. They attacked to Pentagon and World Trade Center and killed lots of people with these attacks.

After that day world was never going to be same, so does United States. United States’ Republican President George W. Bush and his men decided to start a war against terrorism all over the world. This new age was different from all early ages. Because there was no Soviet Union in this age at United States felt it could do whatever it wants. At first they decided to attack Afghanistan which was centre of Al-Qaeda and its biggest supporter Taleban. World supported their decision. United States thought that support came because their power and matchless but it came because world found United States right and wounded.

However, after a short time United States decided to attack Iraq, too. This time they said to the world that Iraq was trying to have nuclear power and their dictator leader has to removed from its position. Additionally, one of the main aims was shown by United States for these wars were bringing democracy to these countries. In contrast world started to ask some questions about United States’ innocence and unconventional aims. As a result of these questions, United States never had a supporting cast as case of Afghanistan and also saw its image’s declining all over the world.

During George W. Bush’s term, United States also announced that there were axis of evil which contains Iran, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Sudan and Libya. Plan was clear, United States would use its power over other countries and attack to these countries or change their leaders. But world was different after Iraq war. United States couldn’t find any tips about Iraq’s possible nuclear research because there were actually no nuclear research in Iraq. As a result of this and failure in bringing democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan, United States director Republican Party lost its power and lost in 2008 presidential elections.

Wikileaks which focuses over the documents which contain United States important servants’ and their brain teachers mails, talks and secret state correspondences started to share its knowledge about this interstate relations and affected world very much. World had already lost its believe in United States, international organizations and states. And Wikileaks showed the world their insight feelings about these unfaithful states were right. Wikileaks affected lots of countries; maybe it also has some effect in start of Arab Spring and some other movements, too. However its biggest effect came over United States, because no country had lied to world as United States. United States had lasted an end focused policy since Second World War. It had already lied people, both inside and outside, made lots of unconventional welfare involvements in lots of countries. But with Wikileaks, world showed United States, in this technology and social media age nothing would be like old times and world wouldn’t be more foolish after that.


July 5, 2012


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