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Today I was in a group in which we discussed about time, human emotions and some other subjects. During our conversation we asked everyone to tell us three times in general when they feel happy. I said something there but when I come to home I want to concentrate on that issue and share my answers with you, my dear readers. Times are free to imagine or reality and we don’t give any borders to answers.

The first time I feel happy is feeling about people who lives in hard conditions over the world. With this thinking I feel I’m lucky enough over this world and in my stressful times I use this as a motivational idea to pass that situation and move forward. Maybe it is a little strange to think about bad conditions and feel happy but I know unless we don’t mention that people we couldn’t understand our luck. But when we imagine their conditions, and their will to live, we can be happy about our conditions. Wherever and whenever we are, there are others who live in worse conditions and just this fact shows us we have to be happy with our conditions.

The second one is maybe a little self-constructed for me, thinking about the love of rain and soil. People who know me well will guess this. There is not any time or condition makes me happier than this crazy love of nature. When rain comes soil prepares itself for its biggest lover. It opens its all holes to be filled by rain. There isn’t a bigger love than this in which one lover gives all of itself and the other fills them without any question. When they find each other their smell comes through all of living things deeps and the entire world relaxes with it. I strongly believe that smell is human beings first smell and because of that, it comes through our soul’s deepest stages. And when they finished their meeting, they give the signs of a new and beautiful life. This is amazing and not only when I live that times but also when ı think about that I feel relaxed and happy. I believe this is a gift from God not only to remember our creation but also to give an emotion about our endless survey over this world.

The last and maybe the meaningful time is thinking about a time, that is my last time over the world. When I feel in that way, I start to tell myself why I have to complain, become sad about tomorrow which I don’t know if I will live or not. I totally know that I couldn’t guarantee I will live or not just at next second and nobody can guarantee that to me. With this thinking, after a short time I decide to feel happy about that time because it could be my last time and I have to be happy in my last picture in this world. That was a quote in one book in which father says to his son; “Bring my grandson to me, I will feel happy when he is around and hopefully give a smiling picture when thinking about the beautiful life which lies in front of him. I know I don’t smile enough in this world, because I never thought it will end and I never give enough thanksgiving for the whole beautiful things I have lived. If I could recognize every moment which I breathe was a gift from god I would smile any time I find…” When thinking about that way I feel I’m lucky just because I live and smile like crazy because that is enough to be happy…


6 July 2012


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